The Best Way to Buy a 30-Second Commercial on Streaming TV!

  • Target any zip code

  • Low starting price at $299/month

  • Incredible $15 per 1,000 impressions (CPM)

  • Easy ordering system

  • Premium streaming placements options

Our Offer and Value

Revolutionizing Community Engagement: Affordability Meets Impact!

With StreamLocal, experience the transformative power of streaming TV advertising. Starting at just $200/month, make your business a community focal point, ignite conversations, and experience the unrivaled impact of being seen and heard on large TV screens by multiple viewers simultaneously.

Step 1: The StreamLocal Banner (Optional)

We're able to offer our low prices because our banner helps others know about our service. In fact, that might be how you found us. Don't want the banner? No worries, you can remove it for $3-$6 per 1,000 impressions. The commercials shown are just samples to demonstrate what it will look like.

Step 2: Monthly Budget

What do you anticipate spending? You can start as low as $299/month for 10,000 impressions. We can help you look carefully at costs and impact so that you can make an informed decision.

Step 3: Choose Locations & Ad Copy

We deliver the opportunity, you figure out the creativity and location. Check the FAQ below to get ideas for making an affordable ad. You can use this website to choose zip codes and see exactly what it covers. If you search for a zip code on the site, you can also see its specific demographic information. If you want more specific geographic addressable targeting and demographic targeting on 3,000+ variables, we also offer that.

Step 4: Understanding Impressions

We sell by CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Whenever the ad is shown on a TV or other device, that's an impression. These are meaningful, targeted impressions. We can also serve your ads in more specific ways like a list of addresses (geofencing) or to people with a specific demographic profile, selected from over 3,000 attributes. These are available in the Geo & Demo packages. You can click on the pricing chart to see it full screen.

  • $149 monthly maintenance fee on all accounts

  • Recommended 3-month payment to start

  • Month-to-month after that

  • 30-day cancellation notice required

What's Next?

Get More Info - Check out our extensive FAQ section below or contact us for more information.

Get Started - Here's what you need before you fill out the order form:

  • 30 second ad in high definition

  • Monthly budget and up to 3-month payment

  • Start date

  • Desired zip codes

  • Geo & Demo Package: Detailed demographic and geographic targets



Their team transformed our online presence and significantly boosted our brand's visibility.


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A Comprehensive Guide

Have questions or uncertainties? Dive into our comprehensive FAQ section, where we address your concerns, showcase the value of StreamLocal, and help you get started.

How quickly can a business start seeing results with StreamLocal?

Impact can be observed through increased foot traffic and community buzz shortly after the ads start running. We recommend monthly updates to maintain engagement and monitor the community's response to gauge immediate results.

What support is available for businesses new to advertising?

StreamLocal offers a user-friendly ordering system. Additionally, our dedicated support team is available to answer any queries and provide guidance on optimizing your advertising experience.

How should I create and update my ads?

It depends on the type of campaign you are running. For a small, local presence recording a Facebook live style video, we recommend updating your ads weekly to keep the content fresh and engaging. Regular updates help maintain a vibrant community presence and foster ongoing engagement. If you have a medium-sized campaign, we can help you build a campaign if you need one. We will help you determine frequency and rotation. We are continuing to develop resources that make this as easy as possible.

If I'm a small business, don't I need to spend a lot of money to create a commercial?

We live in a time when anyone can build a brand for very little investment. As a result, the faces and voices of the people from a local business can be your most valuable asset, giving you an advantage over national brands. StreamLocal encourages small businesses to share genuine updates and stories similar to Facebook live, fostering trust and real relationships within the community. On the other hand, if you want to invest more dollars in a quality commercial, that's a great option for many businesses.

How are the success and impact of the advertising measured?

Success is measured by monitoring community engagement and buzz. Our commercials have a 95%+ view completion rate so you can be sure your commercials are being seen. Businesses can expect rich feedback from the community and observe increased customer interactions. Packages over $1,000 will also have a number of tracking options available.

What is the cost of advertising with StreamLocal, and what does it include?

Advertising is typically sold by impressions and a common term in the industry is CPMs, or cost per thousand impressions (mills). Our rates run from $15/CPM with a monthly maintenance fee of $149/month. This provides you with a targeted geographic area at a similar or better price than local TV and cable. In a small zip code of 4,000, you can typically reach every connected TV approximately twice a week for $299/month. This puts your business into the focal point in the community.

Can I segment my community audience with StreamLocal?

Yes, there are several ways to do it. For our lowest CPM rates, segmentation is only possible by zip code and the focus is simply saturating a small local market. If you are buying a larger regional or national package, we can help you find zip codes that are more likely to have certain ages, genders, and income levels. We can also provide more robust segmenting on 3,000 demographic data points at $42 per CPM with the Geo & Demo Banner package ($48 without the banner). This package also provides geofencing targets down to an address list. This higher cost is due to the data that is included in what we purchase. If you want to reach at least 1/3 of the people within a zip code, our lower priced option is the best one. If you want to reach a demographic smaller than 1/3 of a zip code, the higher priced option will serve you better even if the reach is smaller. All of these provide options for targeted advertising and effective communication.

What types of businesses can benefit from StreamLocal?

There really is no limit. On a local level, diverse businesses such as restaurants, financial advisors, stores, and more can leverage StreamLocal to share updates, offers, and valuable information, fostering community engagement and growth. Regional and national buyers can benefit from our targeted and low-cost options.

How easy is it to look at options and get started?

The self-service portal is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for quick and easy submission of geographic area and budget. Our team will then walk you through all the steps get your ad running.

What is the length and quality standard for the ads?

Ads are standardized at 30 seconds in full HD (1920x1080 pixels), ensuring high-quality visuals and effective communication.

Can StreamLocal be used in both small towns and neighborhoods in larger cities?

Absolutely! StreamLocal is versatile and designed to foster community connections in both small towns and urban neighborhoods, adapting to the unique needs and dynamics of each area.

What makes StreamLocal different from other advertising platforms?

Our products are typically only offered to large national companies with big budgets. StreamLocal focuses on affordability, accessibility, and authenticity, offering impactful streaming TV advertising tailored to local communities. Removing the data costs for streaming and focusing on zip codes allows us to provide the most competitive rates available. We offer the best rates with a quality product for small customers. Our low rate makes us an easy choice for larger budgets. Our mission is to unite communities and empower local businesses through genuine communication and engagement.

On which channels will my ads be displayed through StreamLocal?

Here are some, but not all, of the channels. While we cannot guarantee where it will be shown, we can ensure that it is shown to the demographic and geographic profiles you choose. Our focus is on the people who will see the ad, not which channel is used to deliver it. This list is always updating:

Network/Premium: Lifetime, HGTV, A&E, Discovery, Bravo!, Fox, TNT, VH1, ABC, National Geographic, FX, TBS, Freeform, Hulu, Freevee

Sports: ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL, NHL, Sling Sports, Roku Sports, ESPN Deportes, Golf Channel, Tennis Channel, NBA, MLB, Fubo TV

National and Local News: NBC News, Fox, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, ABC News, Fox Business, Newsy, BBC, USA Today

Food/Recipes: Food Network, Cooking Channel, Science of Grilling, TasteMade, iFood, Better Home Recipes

Home and Garden: HGTV, Home Channel, Gardening Tips, DIY,

Gardening TV, The Home Source, Vegetable Garden

Spanish Language: Univision, Telemundo, Pongalo, El Comerico, Telecinco,, Latin Times, El Universal, Futbol, Acento, El Observador, CDN Sports MAX

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How are the geographic boundaries determined for advertising with StreamLocal?

StreamLocal advertising is based on zip codes, so the population, density, and demographic profile will vary greatly. Small zip codes of around 4,000 people can work well for $299/monthly budgets, but larger or multiple zip codes will require increased investment for meaningful reach. You can explore your zip code coverage map and demographics at

FAQ image

Is StreamLocal advertising limited to businesses, or can other entities also advertise?

StreamLocal is versatile and open to a variety of advertisers, including nonprofits, political candidates, government entities, and more. We aim to provide a platform for a variety of voices within the community.

Does StreamLocal offer special pricing or discounts for nonprofits?

We understand the unique financial constraints of nonprofits and have already optimized our pricing to be as accessible as possible for everyone. We do intentionally create some space in our budget to provide discounts to nonprofits on a limited basis. Tell us about yourself and we'll let you know what we currently are able to offer.

What are the length and terms of the contract?

When you first sign up we recommend prepayment of the first 3 months unless you are doing a shorter, event-based campaign. After the initial 3-month term, we invoice you on a month-to-month basis. You are free to cancel any time with a 30-day notice. You can pay on our credit card portal through Stripe for your initial payment. We ask that your monthly invoices after the initial term are set up using ACH through Stripe. We never see your payment information and your data is fully held by Stripe, a trusted payment processor. You can follow the link to see our terms and conditions.

Can marketing agencies resell StreamLocal?

Absolutely! Check with us about how we share profits with agencies using the contact form below. You are also free to set your own prices for clients and bundle it as a white-label service you offer. We're focused on providing access to a great ad platform and love to partner with marketing teams as they provide content and plan campaigns.


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